How to Build a Social Media Following for Blog Traffic

Everyone depends on a social media following for blog traffic. Users who are actively engaged from social media platforms are the biggest source of traffic for most blogs.

Image being able to attract users from these social networks on demand. It’s easy to drive targeted traffic if you know where to find your audience.


Social Media Following



Join Groups – The best way to gain exposure on Facebook is to join groups. You can find a niche specific group for just about anything. Review the group rules before posting. There is a fine line between sharing content and spamming some affiliate offer. Provide value to the members there.


Facebook Groups


Create a Fan Page – If you’re promoting a brand or a product you need a fan page. Just having one isn’t going to bring you traffic to start off with, you need to promote it! There are two ways to do this.

When you leave a comment on a post or in a group, include your fan page in the post! You can do this by typing the page name @KennethTaborMarketingLike My Page!

The next way is to leave a comment as your fan page. You can’t publish, like or comment on a person’s posts or timeline as your page. Review Facebook’s rule on this here.


Facebook Post Comment



LikeAlyzer – When you create your fan page make sure it doesn’t suck. This free tool will analyze various aspects of your page and grade it compared to your competitors. Powerful insight you can use to improve your page. You can thank me later for this one.





Yoast Open Graph – Fill out the settings on the social tab in Yoast. Twitter uses this information for post as well, so it’s important to fill out completely. Don’t forget to add a default picture for when a post you created doesn’t have one (I don’t know why it wouldn’t), or someone is just sharing the site URL.


I prefer to use the default settings inside of each post. However you can change the title and meta description there if you would like. I always make sure the default image for each social network is the same default image I use for the blog post in WordPress for consistency. 


Yoast Facebook Open Graph



The Golden Rule: Follow users, less ye be followed!  (Follow me @Ken_Tabor)


Following – Not all users you follow are going to be golden. You need to be selective when choosing who to follow to maximize the 5,000 following threshold. Here’s my follow strategy.


  • Users must follow an authority figure in my niche
  • Profile has to have some keyword related to my niche
  • Profile picture / No Egg heads!
  • Header image on profile
  • English speaking
  • Follow Individuals not brands / services


Twitter Follows


Helpful Tool – I use exclusively to manage my following. The free version should be enough for lists under 5,000 followers – You can unfollow users that don’t follow you back at a rate of 500/day. Gain more follows/unfollows by performing various actions to promote the platform. Takes me about 15 minutes a day to prune my list. I wouldn’t recommend following/unfollowing more than 100/day to avoiding being flagged as a spammer by Twitter. 


Manage Flitter


Tagging – If you’ve quoted someone in your post, tag them when you share the article. Use the quote in the body of the tweet or include some statistic. 100% of people who use Twitter love statistics. This increases your chances of a retweet to a whole new audience.


Frequency – Twitter is a different beast when it comes to content. It’s not just about what you post, but when and how often. Every user needs to find a cadence for their niche. Here are a few paid tools that can handle all that for you. I’m not an affiliate for any of them, but you might like them.



The trick here is to post the same content multiple times, but to change the posting. Change the content of the tweet, change the associated photo, change who you tag in the tweet. Most users won’t see a tweet the first time around, so keep it fresh!


Pin It – No this isn’t about Pinterest, we’ll get to that later. This is about pinning a tweet (top left “Pinned Tweet”) to the top of your profile. A great example would be to pin a tweet with a link to a squeeze page. Anytime someone comes to your profile it’s the first thing they see. You can do this with great articles, affiliate offers, whatever you want to drive traffic to.


Kenneth Tabor pinned tweet



Promote Yourself – Remember the requirements above for following people? Other twitter users are looking for the same qualifications. Fill out your profile! Picture, header image, website URL. Some people put in #hashtags or URL’s in the tag line. I just keep it streamlined with the basics.


Kenneth Tabor Twitter Profile



FREE: Content Upgrade


Setting up your profiles on each of these networks is a pain! The hardest thing for me was knowing what sizes to make all the headers and profile images. I’m by no means a pro at graphic design.

I put together this content upgrade with all the header profile sizes for each network. I also included links to other websites that have visual guides for you to reference. The complete package to help you set up your profile and get it looking good.

Don’t waste time Google’n image dimensions for each network. I’ve already done it for you.



Join Communities – Are you seeing a trend here? You have to go where your audience is. There’s no join limit that I’ve encountered. Just join groups over 1,000 users to not waste your time and get maximum exposure. Same applies for following users. I’ve encountered no limits to following individual users.


google plus communities


Post Content – Use a headline in your post. This isn’t twitter. Put a title, then your quick blurb, some hashtags and post it. I recommend using some sort of tracking on all your links. There are rumors of posts being ghosted by certain groups if a link is overshared. It’s also possible your posts don’t get approved.


google+ headline


Sharing is Caring – Remember that no follow limit? Once you follow someone you’re able to share with them. Instead of making your post “Public” click that grey person button and “show more”. It’ll list everyone you’ve followed and let the spamming…I mean, sharing begin!

You can also share with groups, but you can only select one group at a time. It might be easier to just open up each group in a tab and share individually one by one that way.


google+ sharing


Profile Management – You don’t want your profile to show that you’ve shared the same post to 100 different groups so be sure to turn that off in settings. Otherwise, your profile page will show every post you’ve ever made in Google+ Communities.


google+ profile post


Pin It – You know the drill. Just like Twitter you can pin your top post to your profile page. Unlike twitter though, you can pin multiple posts. Take advantage of that when users hit your profile. Showcase your best content.



All The Follows – I’ve found a few free tools to help you manage your followers on Pinterest. All the same profile requirements still apply as mentioned before when choosing who to follow. The main difference with Pinterest is to make sure you drill down and get niche specific followers. The best way to find them is on group boards. 


Pingroupie – A free tool that let’s you find groups that post to common boards. Just adjust the filters to your liking the start following members there. 


Pinterest Groups


PinFollow – Filter out the users that don’t follow you back! Pinfollow is yet another free tool that you can use to prune your list. It doesn’t look good to follow 14,000 people and only have 1,000 following you back. Make sure your user base is interested in what you have to offer!




Spicy Pins – Pinterest is all about visually engaging your reader. You want to spice up your pins to earn that interaction with the user. Let’s start by putting some text on your images. You can do that with Photoshop or with this free online tool. 


PicMonkey – Ever thought about adding a call to action on an image? Oh my the conversions! Notice how a link to the site is included in the pin and in the description. 


Pinterest CTA


Rich Pins – These work the same as Schema does for your website. Rich Pins are only for business accounts. No problem if you just have a personal account. You can convert it in a few clicks. 

A business account gives you access to analytics. You can include a lot more data in your pins if your selling products, sharing recipes or just want to display your meta data to users. The more data you display, the more user engagement you’ll get. 


Read more about Rich Pins here. 


Who’s Sharing Me – This is a fun way to see who’s sharing your pins. You can search by URL or by keyword. Just change what you put after /source/ to search. 

For example, Let’s take a look at one of my favorite online marketers and see who’s supporting him.

Enter in URL bar:

As you can see below, his content is being shared all over Pinterest by different users. That was just putting in his URL. You can broaden or refine your search by using keywords. Great way to see what’s popular or what your competition is promoting. 


Pinterest Search


The Basics of Social Media 

I shouldn’t have to do this, but I feel the article isn’t complete until I do. Let’s highlight some basics that everyone needs to know about sharing content on social media.

  • Use Images – Don’t be that guy that doesn’t provide any eye candy.
  • #Hashtags – All platforms use them. You’re just leaving traffic on the table if you don’t.
  • Short and Sweet – People are impatient. Be quick about your updates.
  • Social Sharing Widget – Pick one and put it on your blog. Easy to share content. 
  • Email Signatures – Advertise your social profiles in your signature on every email.


Dominate Social Media Following

These are the techniques and tools I’ve discovered to manifest a huge social following when implemented properly. There are a ton more social networks to cover and I’m sure more tricks of the trade. 

Now comes the important part….



Take Action


Pick a social network, open up this post in another tab, grab your content and see what you can make happen!

I pretty much have this social thing down, but a little help from you wouldn’t hurt.

Click the share buttons below and leave a comment. Thanks! 


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