How to Save Your Solo Ad Money

If you’re ready to start spending solo ad money, then you’re playing with the big boys. Solo ads can get expensive fast. Solo ads are the best form of paid traffic you can purchase.

It’s time to get educated so you can keep that money in your pocket.

You need to generate profit from your advertising cost, and I’m going to show you how!




The Solo Ad Concept

The idea behind purchasing a solo ad is just like paying for PPC / CPM / Banner advertising. You’re paying for traffic to your squeeze page to collect emails.

Solo ads are used to drive traffic to squeeze pages that offer a freebie in return for an email address. Most providers won’t sell traffic to any other type of page. Nor should they, as conversions are normally terrible when sending traffic to an affiliate offer. Plus, you wouldn’t be able to capture the traffic to continually provide value and market to.

Traffic gets sent to a squeeze page. They get the freebie offer. Then directed to a “thank you page” or to an affiliate offer. The magic is what happens on the back end.


Behind The Scenes

Some marketers create an email follow up series related to the affiliate offer that was just promoted on the thank you page. Another way is to add them to a website newsletter autoresponder series.

List management is important because what happens when they reach the end of the sales funnel? What if you have multiple sales funnels? Do you want your users slammed with sales emails every day?

You paid for these leads and after one sales funnel… they’re disengaged. Now you have to add them to another list they didn’t opt in to. No bueno. 

All things to think about before purchasing any type of advertisement.


Spend That Solo Ad Money

Expect to pay between .40 – .75 a click when purchasing a solo ad.

Anything outside of that range is just hype. Don’t get sold on the design of a lander. You want to judge a solo ad provider based on results.

Be sure to read current reviews from people who have already purchased from them. Testimonials will give you a good indication of what type of results to expect.



Warrior Forum Classifieds


Facebook Groups
Solo Ads Testimonials
Solo Ads Sales Testimonials


What Am I Looking For?

When searching through these directories of solo ad providers there are a few key things you want to pay attention to.


Tier 1 Traffic – 80% or higher. This is the percentage of visitors from countries like United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.


Optin Percentage – 40% or higher. Anything lower then this should make you question the traffic source or the person leaving the review.


Responsiveness – How long does it take for the provider to communicate with you? How long will it take before he runs your solo ad?


Generate Sales – Where there any sales reported from this traffic? If people are opting in that’s great, but you want to generate some sales on the front end. When you don’t see sales, then you know the list is just a bunch of freebie seekers. It’s also possible the affiliate offer promoted wasn’t targeted to this list. Most targeted affiliate offers convert at least 1% of traffic.


Solo Ad Metrics

Making First Contact

Pick someone you think shows some positive potential and start investigating. Here are a few key questions you need to ask before spending your solo ad money.


How did you build your list?

If all they did to build their list was swap ads with other providers or purchase from the same pool of people you’re buying from…move on.

A list provider is going to do more than just cycle through the same people everyone else is. You need leads that are pulled from outside resources like PPC / CPA / personal websites / product buyers list etc.


What does your list respond to?

Nothing worse than finding out you wasted your money on a business / networking related provider when you wanted the internet marketing niche.

Get niche specific. Maybe the traffic responds best to products and freebies related to content marketing, SEO, social media marketing, list building. Drill down to find offerings that match the traffic.

If the provider knows how the list was made, they’ll know what type of offers the subscribers opted in to. Some many even ask to review your lander or offer tips for improving what you created.


How often do you mail your list / buyers list?

If their subscriber list gets blasted every day with multiple emails, the numbers will show it.

You’ll have low optin rates, long delivery times, and no front end sales.

When your advertisement is getting sent to buyers (people who have previously purchased something), you don’t want them to have five other offers sitting in their email inbox. That’s bad for business.


Time to Setup

Set everything up and test it thoroughly before you start sending traffic. This is the order I recommend setting everything up.


The Optin Page – about a million different providers for creating squeeze pages. I recommend using anything that’s free to start with. The email marketing service Mailerlite (Read My Review Here) has templates you can use.

The goal here is to sell the email submission. Make whatever you’re offering the best one of those in the world. You’re going to get the clicks you purchased. It’s up to you to convert them into email subscribers.

Some landing page services offer split testing to maximize conversions. Your goal should be around 30%. Anything less than that and it’s time to go back to the drawing board. Your offering, your copy, or maybe you design needs some work.


Track Your Clicks – Some free tools like Bitly, or tinyurl do the job nicely. I recommend Pretty Link lite as a WordPress Plugin if your squeeze pages are self-hosted.

Read more about The Best WordPress Plugins to build your blog where I talk about Pretty Link lite and other free plugins.

You want to make sure you can verify how many clicks you actually received from you solo ad provider. Shop around for other paid services as options and features vary.


Set Up The Sales Funnel – After your squeeze page, the “Thank You” page is the most important. This is where you can direct users to an affiliate offer or take the time to introduce yourself.

It’s important to make that connection with the subscriber. I see a lot of marketers just redirecting automatically to an affiliate offer and this is leaving money on the table. Warming up traffic for an affiliate offer has statistically been proven to increase conversions.

You can also match the design of your thank you page to the design of the affiliate offer for seamless integration. Creating a flow that takes the subscriber from one page to the next. You can use a redirection script that moves the user automatically or a “Next” button depending on your email marketing platform.


FREE: Content Upgrade

I created this Excel spreadsheet to visually show you how much you stand to lose or gain when using your solo ad money. The fields that are highlighted green are editable.

Solo Ad Money


Here is a simpler version for those of you not into the numbers. This spreadsheet doesn’t account for the free clicks you would receive from click banking or other free traffic sources. 

Both of these spreadsheets don’t account for any One Time Offers (OTO’s) that have upgrades on the back end. It’s still possible for you to break even or even profit from purchasing solo ads. 


Solo Ad Simple Sheet



Get Creative – I’ve seen some thank you pages that just link directly to other marketers squeeze pages. This is sometimes referred to as “funnel traffic“. Links are sold here to other list builders trying to build their list just like you are.

Some prefer to put these type of links in their welcome / confirmation email. The first email a user receives normally has extremely high open and click through rates because they’re downloading the bonus they opted in for.  Provides a great time to “double dip” on that traffic. 

It’s a great strategy if you’re just churning numbers. I find it to be a bit of a sales page bonanza. At what point do you really offer a solution the user can put into action and see some results? How you frame the offers and the intent behind it will determine your results.


Create Autoresponders – this is a series of emails the subscriber will get after opting in for your freebie offer.

One way is to create 7-10 emails directly related to your affiliate offer that was presented after the user opted in for the free gift.

A different way is to subscribe the user to your website / blog mailing list so you can take advantage of autoresponders that were already created. This would be a series of emails users receive who opted in through your main website instead of a squeeze page created for an affiliate offer funnel.

I’ve also seen marketers do both. However, I find this bombards the new subscriber with too many emails and doesn’t allow them time to focus on taking any action. Again, it’s a numbers game.

Be aggressive with your marketing, but not overwhelming. I get up to four emails a day from the same marketer and never purchase anything from any of them.


Write Up A Swipe File – This is the email your solo ad provider is going to send to his list of subscribers. You may or may not need this. Some providers will create one for you.

You’re going to get a specified amount of clicks either way. Writing your own swipe file would just qualify the traffic for better conversions on the squeeze page.


Where’s The Content?

Let’s talk about the end game here.

Are you just going to market freebies, send people to affiliate offers, blast email address with 10 follow up emails, then sell your list to another marketer as clicks?

If so, welcome to mediocrity. Join ranks with 80% of internet marketers doing the same thing. Steadily turning enough profit to keep feeding the email spam machine and lining the pockets of people selling clicks.

Never really providing any value to the user, offering one $5 Warrior Plus eBook after the next.


Solo Ad Fail


Create Something Different

Allow me to offer a different method.

Build a brand around whatever niche you’re passionate about. Stand behind what you’re offering with conviction. Do you really believe that $5 eBook is going to benefit someone or are you just looking for a quick sale?

Do you offer any actual content to your subscribers or are you just a curator of squeeze pages and profit off of the next rehashed turnkey method?

Manifest something you can be proud of that helps people accomplish their goals and put making money second. You’ve already put in the effort and spent the money to get subscribers. Don’t abuse that trust.


That’s All Folks

I didn’t want to over explain any part of this process. Each section could be a post on its own. I’ve given enough information to get you making smart buys and investing your money wisely.

Use this post as a reference for where to go and how much to pay, how to qualify your provider and the traffic they provide. Then how to set it all up and consider what you’re going to do on the back end with your subscribers.


What did I leave out? What would you change? Tell me about it in the comments after you share and like this post!

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