What is Keyword Research and Long Tail Keyword Generators

When you create content you can’t just write it however you want and expect people to be able to find it on Google. Learning how to do keyword research is vital to any content creation you do online.

What is keyword research and what tools do you use to do it effectively?

This topic could span pages and pages of eBooks. I’m going to hit some important highlights like how to find long tail keywords, the best free keyword research tools, and keyword analysis.


Keyword Research


What is Keyword Research

My goal is not to teach you how to do keyword analysis, but rather expose you to the tools and techniques that I use online for my own keyword research.

If you want to learn the basics of keyword research. I recommend you go here

Now let’s get into it…


Free Keyword Search Tool

The first place I always go when researching keywords is Google.com. I search the keyword just to see what comes up. It’s always best just to go to the source, everyone else will.

I don’t get my ideas from the search results, but the related searches at the bottom. Here I entered the keyword: “keyword research“.


Google Related Search


Pick out some of the keywords that pop out at you. Enter a few more of them back into search and see what comes up. This is going to be your seed list for all of the other keyword tools you use.


Keyword Suggestion Tools

If you haven’t heard of SEOStack you’re missing out. This keyword generation tool helps you find low competition, long tail keywords in minutes! Best part is they have a free edition 30 day trial.


SEOStack Keywords



The next tool that I like to use on a daily basis is Keyword Revealer. It’s marketed as “The Ultimate Keyword Intelligence Tool” and I think it comes pretty close to the mark. They have a free account option, but for $10 a month you really can’t beat the price.


Keyword Revealer


What makes these tools better than just using Google Keyword Planner is you can drill down on the keywords and see competition, top 10 search results, and generate long tail keywords all in one dashboard. You theoretically can do this with Google, but if it’s free, why not use a tool?


FREE: Content Upgrade

If you’re selling a product or a service you’ll want to target “buyer keywords“. These are keywords that show intent to purchase when a user is searching for something. I’ve compiled a list of 265 buyer keywords that you can connect with you main keywords for better results.

If you’re concerned about search volume for these words, don’t be. They produce laser targeted visitors and provide better results with conversions.


Free Long Tail Keyword Tools

Sometimes when trying to come up with keywords you hit writers block. Forget about the competition and if you can rank for it, you just need some ideas to work with.

UberSuggest is my favorite keyword generator. Sometimes it does populate weird stuff, but you can go through and manually choose what keywords you want. Then, view as text file or download your list. 





I’ve saved the best for last, Keyword Tool is the #1 keyword generation tool for actual searches. Keyword Tool does not use Google Keyword Planner to generate keyword ideas. It finds keywords that people search for on Google using the different source – Google Autocomplete.


Keyword Tool


Keyword Tool is the best alternative to Google Keyword Planner for content marketing and SEO as it does not hide popular keywords that can be used to create content for your website. The keyword you can’t find just may be the keyword you need! 



But Ken, why haven’t you covered any paid tools? 

Oh, you mean like the Keyword Ninja software Market Samurai!?

Or, maybe a mad rush for all the keywords you can grab with SemRush!?

Market Samurai SemRush

Mainly because I didn’t want this post to be a pitch fest of every keyword tool out there. You know what these tools are and where to find them (I’ve linked the pictures to website if you don’t). You also know they cost an arm and leg to use. 

I wanted to show new marketers out there that you don’t need a premium subscription to any tools for effective keyword research. 

Despite what every other “Internet Marketer” out there will have you believe otherwise. 



I hope you find that perfect keyword with zero competition and a million searches a month. Until you do, I recommend just writing about what you want share with the world. Then let the internet decide how valuable your information is. 


What keyword research methods do you use?

What techniques do you find effective for keyword analysis? 

Tell me about it in the comments, share this post! Who knows, you might just help someone. 

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